July 3, 2019

The Truth Seeker

The Brief

Create a campaign in collaboration with FullFact and The Observer to encourage people to question the mainstream media and seek their own, unadulterated perceptions of events.


My approach was to create a monthly journal, released by The Observer, called The Truth Seeker. The publication aimed to tackle the problem of fake news and misinformation by encouraging people to seek their own facts and question what is said by the mainstream narrative. It achieves this through curation of articles and extracts from texts that educate and inform readers on the current situation of fake news.

The first issue would also support with a promotional pack of Top Trumps, a satirical take on the classics children's game. Instead of using characters from popular films, the game would focus on the biggest fake news stories of 2018 and rank them by their impact on the population, the amount of shares that the story received and bullshit, the distance of how far the story would be from the truth.