May 4, 2019

Barley Botanicals

The Brief

Create and launch a project that will help Robinson launch into the adult-focused soft drink market for a target audience of 25+.


The approach was to release a new range of products, Barley Botanicals. The drink is a still, lightly flavoured barley water. It aimed to reach the adult market by taking utilising trend towards botanically flavoured gins/rum and infuse a Robinson’s twist, barley.

One way in which Robinson would promote barley botanicals would be through a partnership with Kew gardens. At Kew garden events, Robinsons would project botanical patterns onto the building whilst also supplying the drinks to the event, creating an awareness of the brand and its evening setting.

Utilising the fourth column at Trafalgar Square, Robinsons will install a huge ice cube with many suspended botanicals. This will be a temporary instiallation, only lasting a few days. As it begins to melt, it will attract more media attention and social media posts to help raise the profile of the drink.