March 20, 2019

Coutts One

The Brief

Create a digital solution that allows Coutts to engage in a new way with the next generation of entrepreneurs who demand unfettered access to information at a moments notice.


My approach was to create new facet of the Coutts mobile experience, Coutts One. A single, secure channel of communication with a users wealth manager. What makes Coutts One different to that of a normal messenger is that users can take action directly from the messenger to make lengthy processes more streamlined.

Throughout the research stage of the project, there were several key insights uncovered that would inform the design decisions of the solution.

AI Emergence
- It's clear that AI is making huge strides in the banking sector. A variety of chat bots, robot advisors and AI interfaces have entered the marketplace looking to revolutionise both the commercial and private banking market places.
Wealth Manager Focused
- It is clear that a clients relationship with their wealth manager underpins Coutts’ offer as a private bank. Therefore a solution must be centred around enhancing a users interaction both online and offline.
Instant Messaging
- Instant messaging is the communication tool of choice of the next generation of entrepreneurs. It is a must for a bank that prides itself on its relationships with its client. Instant messaging also adds an element of convenience to the platform,  clients can respond to messages at their leisure and are not tied down to meetings and calls.