The Brief

Create a campaign that visualises hearing loss in order to raise awareness, specifically aimed at 18-25 year olds.


I created an event called SND (or Sound) that will be held at student unions across the country. The event will demonstrate the danger of loud music at nightclubs and concerts through sound zones. These are zones that tell people how long it will take for permanent damage to take place to show young people visually how easy it is for permanent damage to occur.

The identity for the event centres around the Cymatic alphabet. A typeface created using sound waves at specific frequencies and sand that generated patterns. These patterns would then be assigned to a letter depending on the size of the frequency with the lowest frequency representing A. The use of this confusing alphabet was designed to represent the struggle of people who are hard of hearing.

All event goers would be handed a posterzine upon entry. As the zine was unfolded, the details of the event would be uncovered, highlighting the use of the cymatic alphabet and also what the sound zones were. On the back of the zine was a poster that was designed to be hung up in student rooms so that they would not forget the important lessons that the event hopefully taught them. The posterzine also engouraged event goers to get a free set of SND earplugs so that they could enjoy the event whilst still protecting their hearing.